Justice for Constable Cook

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Justice for Constable Cook
by Terry Richardson

It is 1970, exactly one year after the brutal slaying of motorcycle policeman, Constable James Cook, on a lonely outback road. The unsolved murder is re-investigated by undercover detective Al Carmody. He is assisted by his ex-policeman friend Ian, who operates a livestock truck in the outback. In true Aussie style, the friends spend as much energy teasing and joking with each other as they do probing for answers.

Through liaison channels the NSW Police are joined by an Interpol taskforce when a suspect turns out to be wanted by both groups.

This suspect could trigger World War III if a stolen stash of diamonds is not found and returned to the owners.

While investigating the murder and the disappearance of the gems, both agencies reluctantly co-operate until the final violent outcome robs them all of a chance to nail the culprit.

As the joint operation winds down, several characters are revealed to be more than they appear. Even the late Constable Cook carries a deadly secret.

About the Author

Terry Richardson spent his childhood in the harsh, dry Australian outback, including the towns of Bourke and Brewarrina, before moving to Sydney at age sixteen in 1971. After several occupations, he joined NSW Fire/Rescue in 1982.

Terry was always a keen writer and often wrote short stories for his three children. During his firefighting career he began writing longer stories to while away the long, often boring, night shifts. He combines his imagination with actual events and personal experiences to form the plots of his novels.

The game of Rugby League features in most of his tales as Terry is an avid fan of the game.

Married to Linda in 1975, Terry now lives in rural New South Wales. They have three grown children and ten grandchildren.

(2014, Paperback, 326 pages)