Kingdom of God: The City of Aeon

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Kingdom of God: The City of Aeon
by David Blanchard

The first book in a two-book series, Kingdom of God: The City of Aeon is a spellbinding fantastical tale. Warlord Saul goes on rampage, destroying all cities in his path except one, the city of Aeon. The citys only hope for survival lies in the hands of a young soldier, Jacob, who, with the help of friends, will fight to stop Saul in his quest to terminate all they hold dear.

About the Author:

David Blanchard is a first-time author from the small town of Lebanon, Indiana. In his spare time he enjoys movies, books, videogames, and virtually everything with a good story and real-life characters. Hes always loved being creative, and writing has become one of his favorite passions.

(2016, Paperback, 302 pages)