Krolin Group in Mysteries World

by Deep Rajvansh This world is full of mysteries. So many stories are still unsolved. A six-children group has to meet with good and evil ghosts during their boat race, and they receive magic gifts from the good ghosts and a magic mantra from the evil ghosts. This makes their life change. There are so many horrible, surprising, and beautiful places, and people have come to meet them by chance. It is becoming an extraordinary experience of their lifetime. Their surprise crosses the limit when they have seen a beautiful village under water and the Kingdom of Ice Gold Land, where a prince is alive with Mates touch (Group Child). This story tells us nothing is impossible in this world. There is a mystery everywhere on earth, in the sky, under water, and in everything that is visible or invisible in this world. ABOUT THE AUTHOR I live with my parents, two sisters, and two brothers. When I was a child, my grandparents often told us a ghost was in our basement and not to go there. After some time, my father relocated to another city. But the mystery of the ghost was still in my mind. I had a difficult life, but I am a positive and family-oriented person. A thought that was always in my mind was wondering if I could get magic powers to fulfill every wish I had. This impossible thought inspired me to write this book because everyone has a wish to have a magic power to fulfill his or her wish, especially teenagers. I decided to share my curiosity about mysteries and on April 24, 2005, I started to write this book. My entire family is my strength. Recently I had lost my father (S. Harbans Singh Rajvansh) on 11th Dec. 2007. It is a big shock to me because it's his wish to see my work in a printed book. (2008, paperback, 168 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.