Laci's Story: Laci Peterson Reveals Her Own Story from Beyond the Grave


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Laci's Story: Laci Peterson Reveals Her Own Story from Beyond the Grave
by The Scribe

This short book is the account of Laci Petersons death from her own words from beyond the grave. The Scribe, a seer through which Laci tells her own story, wrote it on the ides of March 2007. She contends that Laci Petersons persistence in demanding that her story be told is the basis of this work.

The work describes Lacis telling of her own history, including her relationship with her husband Scott. She details the events of the day she was abducted, vividly describing the van that took her to the shed where she was being held hostage. Laci recounts that she was mistakenly abducted by two men who thought she was someone else.

If you dont believe that things like this really happen, read Lacis Story and then make up your mind.

About the Author

The author of Lacis Story is a very old lady. She has her hands on her keyboard with spirit hands on top of her hands. She describes herself as The Scribe because she claims that Laci Petersons spirit actually did the typing. The entire manuscript was typed all at one time except for the chapter on Disposal which was typed the next day. The Scribe states that she can barely type at all, yet the work was written exactly as you see it today. That is why the chapter After Thoughts was not just incorporated into the story.

The Scribe is very uncomfortable with this whole experience and that is why she wishes to remain anonymous.

(2009, paperback, 38 pages)