Let Me Be Me

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Let Me Be Me
by Dr. Zohraida Sibtain Karim

This book analyzes the importance of how early social, emotional and physical experiences have a direct effect on the complete overall development of a child and how they groom the child for their lifelong journey. It also describes the purpose of understanding the fundamental need to invest in young children, so as to maximize their future well-being.

Readers will not only realize there is yet a lot you can do with your child but they will also be able to curb the guilt many other books tend to bring about in us. Learning is a lifelong processits never too late for anything!

Are you helping your child to grow with a unique personality or are you preparing your child to be what you want him to be? Ask yourself this question and be honest with yourself. Whether you are a parent or an educator, are you grooming the child to excel academically and get the best grades? Or are you bringing out the childs true self; working on the childs inherent uniqueness, supporting them to think out of the box and naturally progress in all aspects of life?

Many parents and educators today overlook the importance of allowing a child to grow like a child, as they are constantly worried about meeting academic benchmarks, getting their child admitted to the best of schools, making sure the child is taking part in all sports so as to get on the school football or swimming team! In this race, adults forget that each child is God-gifted with unique qualities and talents. It is our responsibility and duty to assist each child, allowing them to shine and reach new horizons.

About the Author:

Let Me Be Me began forming in the authors mind when she started observing the vast difference between her two kids. She realized how the early foundation years are what build not only a childs personality but also a childs thinking powers, creativity, problem solving skills, cognitive skills and many other skills. The process the child experiences in the early years is what grooms them for their future too. Her passion for understanding the brain and how it works as well as her dedication towards children inspired her while she wrote her book. She has served in the field of education for the past seventeen years and is currently pursuing her post doctorate degree in neurodevelopment and clinical psychology.

In todays competitive world, we all want children born as geniuses, but geniuses are not only those who score well and flourish in school. They are also those who are caring, understanding, determined, dedicated and successful human beings; who will make a difference to the society, to the nation, to the world.

(2017, Paperback, 94 pages)