Let the Truth Be Told


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Let the Truth Be Told
by M.P. Briante

There is a time to teach. There is a time to learn. There is a time to parent, and there is a time to be a student. There is a time to be educated, and there is a time to be an educator.

The author of Let the Truth Be Told proudly clings to the title of teacher in the true sense of its professional meaning. While changes have come and changes have disappeared in the light of reality, the author concerns herself with the neverending Code of Conduct Rules, which are the foundation of a strong and committed School of Learning exemplified through the commitment to hold these rules in tack and to hold those accountable for severing their ties from them.

Read this book, and you will clearly come to understand how outside elements are creating more harm than good by not allowing the rules to be the guiding light in todays world of education. The author is committed to making this virus disappear into to the light of reality. There is not time, place, or need for its existence.

About the Author

As a teacher of more than three decades, I have come to pride myself in the title of being a professional. Teaching is my world, and those taught are my life. I have lived during a period in life where parents understood what it meant to be the primary educators of their children and where parents worked hand in hand with educators in providing the best possible education under the guidelines of going to school to learn, to listen, and to be respectful of those with whom you come in contact.

As a teacher, I am committed to holding true to these standards as set by every school of education today through my continued dedication of teaching.

(2011, paperback, 54 pages)