Level4Trust: What Non-rooted, Wealth deceived, Immoral and Immature People Lack


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Level4Trust: What Non-rooted, Wealth deceived, Immoral and Immature People Lack
by Molefe Maleka

This simple, practical, and yet powerful book will guide you how to create an intimate relationship with the Word, Jesus Christ, at Level4Trust. As a child of the Most High God, through this book you will have knowledge about:

The importance of trusting God;
Leadership from a worthiness and potential point of view;
How negative usage of the tongue, not honouring God and spirits, can decrease your trust level in God;
How to forgive a person who has offended you;
The importance of worshiping and praising God continuously;
The levels of trust;
Jesus Christs mandate in making you well or whole and how to overcome spiritual, family, emotional, and physical problems through a wellness Program; and
Level4Trust great commissioners deeds and how to reach Level4Trust great commissioners stages.

About the Author

Molefe Maleka is the fourth child of Helen and Henry Maleka. He was raised in Mabopane (township north of Tshwane), where he went to school at Botsalo Primary, Ditshego Middle, and Ngaka Maseko high schools. He has a masters degree in industrial sociology from the University of Johannesburg and a certificate in project management from the University of Pretoria. While he was staying at Mabopane, he was a disc jockey, spinning vinyls at parties and taverns. He gave his life to the Lord in August 2003 at Praise Tabernacle Church. In 2004 he married Deborah, and they are blessed with a beautiful girl named Botlhale Omolemo Maddy Maleka.

(2010, paperback, 174)