Lexicon of My Life


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Lexicon of My Life
by Bill York

Growing up, we didnt have a TV at home, so entertainment was limited to the radio and what we could create ourselves. We were all encouraged to remember amusing and interesting incidents from our everyday lives and to recount them over dinner for the diversion and entertainment for the rest of the family. Even as the youngest, I would still be heard with interest and attention, and as a result, storytelling became almost second nature. Ann was kind enough to suggest that my tales were very worthy of a wider audience, as I could always make her giggle. Thus the book was her suggestion, and I owe her for her continued support and encouragement, as well as her professional services, which keep this creaking old body of mine working amazingly well.

About the Author

Bill York was born on 1 February 1949 at home in the northwest London suburb of Colindale into a modest but not impoverished family. He was educated at Colindale Infants and Junior School until the age of eleven, when senior school at Christs College Finchley beckoned. At age thirteen, the family moved to Twickenham, where they lived for five years before moving again.

Married to his delightful Dolores for nearly thirty-seven years, they have three grown sons who have all long flown the nest and each married lovely lasses. Currently he has three grandsons, but imminently due are a fourth grandson and the first granddaughter. The family has exciting times ahead.

(2010, paperback, 62 pages)

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