Love Eternal

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Love Eternal

by Shirley Jacobson

Residing in Brooksville, Florida with her husband and their adopted cat Patches. Shirley Marie, besides her writings, delves in colored pen and ink, pencils, and markers. She is entirely devoted to her writings and passes that time in solitude in her works, writing away in the quietness of night time, in her secluded room.

Following is a background relevance of the writings, not from my hand, but in truth, flowing from the love of God, and, from his love, unto mine, it is with love it is given to you in return. Use it well with his heavenly blessings. One has to Accent the positive, and, eliminate the negative, as the song goes, and, I may add, to bring harmony into ones life. One will find, the messages hidden in the concept of these precious and treasured writings, that reach out to the heart and soul, enlightening its spiritual journey here, in his love, light, and majestic sound, eliminating the source of ones negativity, bringing in a steady influx of goodness and wellness to the mind and body, and the quality of life itself.

So, it was in all truths, the he intervened, on my behalf when calling out his name to him, that he set my heart and soul free from the battlefield with-in, awakening and renewing the spirit of my very heart and soul with the outpouring of his unconditional love for me. Whatever your circumstances are, may all wellness and goodness reach out to you in the writings and the messages in between.

With deep reverence and love, the writings are dedicated to God in all his words, works, and deeds, and his enlightenment upon my soul. Therefore, in all fruitfulness, I surrender them unto you in your journey here in all blessings of wellness and all goodness enveloping your heart and soul unto its contents and the message they truly give. God speed and welcome home.

(2013, Paperback, 88 pages)