Love Idiot


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Love Idiot
by Matthew Ray

I started writing books when I was twenty-three years old. I completed my first book, Love Idiot, when I was twenty-four, in December. I wrote most of Love Idiot before them. Before Love Idiot, I wrote a suspense story called Him, Her, Them, and Matt; two football stories called Strong and Skinny; half of an alien action story called Aliens Disk; a variety cookbook; a dessert cookbook; and a sushi cookbook. After I wrote Love Idiot, I started to write other books and music.

Before Im twenty-six, I plan to have ten books and 1,000,000 words written. I want to make rock CDs and a country CD. I wrote two proposals for video games for a closer to realistic action story and an alien story. I wrote and am writing other books called Aliens Disk,an action story, Matts Destiny, a suspense story, Him, Her, Them, and Matt, two football stories, Strong and Skinny, and Strong and Skinny 2, two love stories, Their Favorite Chef, and Personality.

(2010, paperback, 244 pages)