Love Unleashed???? : Does Size Really Matter

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Love Unleashed
by Monica R. DiPeppe Pinelli with Marietta McDuell

Breeders will say Yorkies are dogs who think they are twice their size and will audaciously control other house pets as if they really are.

Love UnleashedDoes Size Really Matter is an entertaining true story about a miniature Yorkie who fits the description above. Bella was about six months old when her strengths and skills erected. Regardless of her dimensions, with her fearless ability she initiated her skills. What began with a small task, developed into an incredible undertaking, earning Bella her service jacket!

With comical experiences and delightful pictures, Bellas story has the ability to touch our hearts. This book is her passage and how she rescued a family who needed a miracle.

So, if you think God has a sense of humorHe does!

About the Author:

Monica R. DiPeppe Pinelli is a resident of Vero Beach, Florida. She attributes her ability to write because her life-interrupted over her sons special needs. Then, when Bella became a part of her family, she joined the Pinelli circle of life. How Bella fits into their lives, Monica cannot explainshe just knows she does. Bella seems to have an insight that goes beyond what the authors human heart can see. With all the experience she has had understanding special needs, Bella was the answer to a prayer; giving her family the miracle that was delivered in a 7-pound Yorkie.

Monicas credibility to write and the uniqueness of her story is seen throughout this book. The author has the skill to apply humor and Bellas story is worthy of the wit used in some comical settings. People may feel only larger dogs are used as service dogs; leaving the question does size really matter? With no pun intendedLove Unleased begs to differ.

(2017, Paperback, 162 pages)