Lyric Poems and Prose for Many Moods

ISBN: 978-0-8059-7996-1

by Ed Gibbons Im sure that no reader of these selections will mistake them as coming from the pen of an avant-garde or social revolutionary mindset or mystique. Because of their lucidity, eclecticism, and general everyday earthliness of expression, the author would probably be defined by some critics as a born-again neo-classical romanticist. Yet even in this style, some poems are profound because the subject matter exists in cosmic themes or in obscure human moods or subliminal thought processes, and they are often enigmatic or profound. Other lyrics are seasonal, didactic, and amusing but always clearly quotable and relevant as well as, hopefully, original enough to make the readers investment of time and concentration a worthwhile venture, perhaps even a rewarding aesthetic experience. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ed Gibbons has had as much variety in his own life experiences as he has attempted to put into his poetry. Born in New York City a decade after World War I, he spent his early formative years on Manhattans East Side, which was then populated by new turn-of-the-century Irish and Italian entrants; attended parochial schools, absorbing all aspects of instruction related to English studies readily, all other technical areas more reluctantly, but passably enough to merit a high school diploma. Immediately thereafter he began a brief period working as a track maintenance laborer, mainly to perform his share of nationally necessary wartime emergency occupation rather than as a beginning lifetime vocation. On exactly the third anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, Ed was now eagerly eligible for the draft and was soon inducted into the U. S. Navy but chose instead the option of enlisting in the U.S.M.C.R. a significantly challenging choice, considering the crucial and devastating battles the Marines were engaged in at the time and within a few hours, following physicals and interviews, he was bound for Parris Island Boot Camp. His college work consisted of two years at a learning center in Upstate New York a junior college on the shores of Lake Champlain. Gibbons then transferred to senior college at Tulane University, located at the fabled though lately tragically ill-fated city of New Orleans. After receiving his degree in English language studies, Ed returned to New York City to begin a career search. He looks back on those two years at Tulane University as the most academically and culturally rewarding of his life. Finally, after several years of successful experiences in journalism, real estate, and finance, Gibbons settled on the education field in search of a new personal satisfaction of sharing his interest and expertise in literary studies with younger generations as well as with working on creating a collection of original and lucid poems for the general public. (2007, paperback, 78 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.