Mark's Life


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Mark's Life
by MaryEllen Brooking

This is a true story of a young boy whose dreams of becoming a Major League baseball player were shattered early in life. Mark spent five years in and out of hospitals during those young formative years.

The compassion and endurance of Marks family exemplify courage, hope, fear, suffering, and faith.

Marks courage and natural charismatic personality inspired and aroused compassion in so many others such as doctors, nurses, and staff. Twenty-five years later, one nurse, Freda Manion, was still so inspired by Mark that she did something extraordinary as a tribute to Marks memory.

About the Author

I was born March 25, 1936, the third child in a family of nine children to Bill and Frances ONan in the little town of Paducah, KY, where I still reside. I worked as a CMA-Ped. (Certified Medical Assistant-In Pediatrics) for Dr. James L. Shumaker in Paducah, KY, for twenty years and retired in 1996.

I thought about writing this, my first book, for many years. From time to time, I would pick up my journal and remind myself how fragile life can be and how quickly it can be taken away. More recently the urge to tell the story of Marks life became an obsession, and this book is the end result.

I have one son, Keith Brooking; one daughter, Ellen Perkins; and one granddaughter, Marianne Perkins.

I have been widowed since 1992. For the past ten years, I have been with my companion, Frank Motsay, who is also widowed.

(2010, casebound, 48 pages)