Masfemlin Femmaslin: In the Beginning

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Masfemlin Femmaslin

by Kevin Sparks

This book is about the need to establish revisions within systems of education, religion, and the media, for the purpose of reestablishing moral values among our children.

The book is divided into three parts. Part one, chapters one through three, represents an example of how morals can be taught more effectively to children today, ages seven through eighteen. The format is based on the teachings of all the great ancient civilizations.

Part two, chapters four and five, are designed to expose the racial based falsifications of world history, which are administered globally as a result of the dominance by the American / European and Judeo-Christian military industrial complex over the last 170 years.

This book focuses upon identifying problems and solutions for the black community related to revising education at a time when Afro American students are graduating at only a 37% level over the last several years.