Mason's Haunted Castle


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Mason's Haunted Castle
by D.J. Clary

Twelve-year-old Mason Jones is excited that his family inherited Uncle Thomass castle. They are invited to spend the weekend at the castle in Nottingham. Uncle Thomass castle is haunted, and Mason has an encounter with the realm of wandering spirits. Mason meets one of the ghosts, named Roary, a prince from long ago. He was murdered when he was twelve and wants Mason to help him solve the mystery. The caretaker of the castle tells them of an ancient journal that might hold all the secrets of the castle, but it is hidden somewhere in the castle.

As they look for the journal, they find they have spirit enemies that try to stop them from finding the journal. Roarys Uncle Edward comes to take over the castle even though he is a ghost and a wizard. Mason is now caught in a big ghostly family feud, and Roary wont let his uncle have his way. Masons help to Roary becomes more determined than ever to solve all the mysteries.

About the Author

Author D. J. Clary lives in Peyton, Colorado. She is a mother of two children, now grown, one boy and one girl. She is a wife of a very loving and supportive husband. She works as a certified nurses aid, and she loves the mountains, where it is beautiful and peaceful, to let her imagination run wild. D. J. has always had a big interest in fantasy books, movies, and creative writing, which inspired her book.

As she watched her children grow up, she noticed how opposite they wereher son a punk rocker and her daughter a proper girl. She found this to be entertaining and decided to write this book.

(2012, paperback, 88 pages)