Million Dollar Love

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Million Dollar Love
by Eunice Cowan

How does love hurt? How could God let this happen? These questions are thought of but rarely answered. Like many people today, the characters in Eunice G. Cowans book are forced to deal with these two questions.

Georgia and Vicky are always talking about becoming millionaires by creating one company or another. Through the power of love, one of them does become a millionaire, but in a way that takes the joy and excitement out of the love for money.

Georgias boyfriend John has an attraction for her daughter Cheryl. This attraction causes Georgia to question her devotion to God. Like most single parents, her ability to try to keep her son and daughter on the right path will never be the same after secrets concerning her daughter and boyfriend are revealed.

Vicky is there for Georgia, but she has her own problem to deal with when she has to figure out what to do about being approached by an unexpected admirer in an unforgettable way.

This group of family and friends is nearly torn apart because of the decisions made by Georgia and Vicky who realize that their actions changed more lives than their own. Billy, Georgias brother, is accused of murder and his wife Janice is willing to deceive anyone who gets in the way of her becoming a mother.

About the Author:

Author Eunice G Cowan from Pennsylvania now residing in California is passionate about watching movies, reading books, and listening to peoples lives and problems. She is not like most people who watch their favorite movies over and over. She likes new movies and this enabled her to create a family of characters who everyone can relate to and love.

Love is the most beautiful emotion on this earth if given and received properly.

(2015, Paperback, 118 pages)