Miss Nancy and Randy: September 14, 1964 to July 1, 2007


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Miss Nancy and Randy: September 14, 1964 to July 1, 2007
by Dallas Dixon

This spicy sequel is about Miss Nancy, an attorney who lives near the Hamptons on Long Island. She survived several years of molestation as a child and remained single until September 1964, when she married Randy, a retired submariner.

At the age of 39, Nancys main goal in life is to establish The Nancy Hallbot Foundation to help the sexually abused children in the Long Island area. Meanwhile, a man who blames Nancy for the death of his brother is bent on revenge. Will Miss Nancy be able to survive his brutal attack?

About the Author

Dallas A. Dixon graduated from high school in Grundy Center, Iowa, in 1961 and then spent four years in the U.S. Navy, including three years aboard the submarine USS Bang. With an Honorable Discharge in hand, he returned to Iowa and began working for an engineering and land surveying company. He obtained licensure as a professional land surveyor in the state of Iowa in 1985.

Dallas and his wife Rita married in 1966 and eventually became the parents of two daughters. Dallas retired in 1999 and began writing (part-time) as a hobby.

(2011, paperback, 316 pages)