Miss Omeallie, and One Bag of Tea, Please

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Miss Omeallie, and One Bag of Tea, Please
by Eleanor Gordon

An inspired spiritual novel constructed of one's imagination. Sometime during the 1800s, a scanty plight from Africa, which resulted in a stop-over in Barbados, was bound for shores of America.

Fourteen-year-old Omeallies turbulent life continued on a tobacco farm when on a rainy afternoon, an incident occurred that resulted in the belief that Omeallie is thought to have healing hands.

The story follows a ziz-zaz chain of shadowy events that plagued the Downys financially struggling plantation and a confused Mr. Downy contemplates suicide or arson as a remedy. Emancipation - a conversational word spoken in an already divided country that jump starts a new kind of racial uprising - kidnapping in free states.

Omeallie, now called, Mary, forgiven of all who wronged her. Yet within doom crushing walls of un-ending time, Mary Omeallie survives and recalls, unforgettable dark days of human bondage and "one bag of tea, please."

Miss Omeallie a fiction a different kind of love story but a touching story of love.

Names, places and incidents are fictional and there is no intention of reflection on anything or anyone. Miss Omeallie, a spiritual novel constructed of one's imagination, presumption, surmise AND whose anguished ancestors so long ago, prayed, pressed and passed this way.

About the Author :

And to God be the Glory

Eleanor Hargis Gordon is the author of two books: As I Remember, Farmers Daughter, White House Volunteer, and But Mom I Rode The Yellow School Bus. She was raised on a small truck farm in Fruitland located on Eastern Shore, Maryland. She lives in the Washington DC area.

(2014, Paperback, 70 pages)