Missy and Me: An Almost True Story About a Woman and Her Horse

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Missy and Me: An Almost True Story About a Woman and Her Horse
by Bonnie J. Thompson

Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking? Missy and Me, An Almost True Story About a Woman and Her Horse will appeal to anyone who has experienced a growing relationship with a pet.

Youll feel Bonnies love for Missy as she learns to care for her first horse. Youll find yourself caught up in the excitement of their comical exploits at their first horse show. You will root for them to succeed together.

Missy thoughts are so real you will believe youre inside her head. Youll laugh when she has uncomplimentary thoughts about Bonnie and will get a lump in your throat when you realize how much she loves Bonnie.

If youve ever hugged an animal, felt the warmth inside when your pet looks at you in the loving way only a silent partner can, if you believe animals feel emotion, you will understand the bond between Bonnie and Missy and will feel good when you finish reading their story.

About the Author

Bonnie Thompson has always loved animals; from stray dogs who followed me home as a child, to getting her first horse as an adult.

Because funds were limited, Missy was kept in the back yard of their five-acre home, Special T Farm. Bonnie learned how to care for a horse, taking a Veterinary Assistant correspondence course to insure proper nutrition and first aid. Her husband was a good sport who built a barn and chopped the ice on the trough in the harsh New Jersey winters. Bonnie, as well as daughter Tracy, won many ribbons and both were well known on the local show circuit.

Bonnie now lives in The Villages, Florida with David, her husband of over forty years. Memories of the adventures of Missy and Bonnie are all that is left

(2012, paperback, 74 pages)