Mixed Business


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Mixed Business
by Livvy Zoe

Sometimes Success Comes With a Price

Ive always dreamed of successfully making my way up the corporate ladder and reaping the benefits of upward mobility: bigger paycheck, corporate vehicle, secretary, and that large office on the top floor. You know the one with the large window that gives you that wonderful view of the city skyline.

Well, I finally made it.

Now, Ill be the first to admit that Im a bit nave and, okay, accident-prone, but I dont think that what Im going through is what anyone would consider the normal downside to climbing the ladder. In fact, Im betting this situation is pretty unique.

And, as if my life isnt exciting enough, what with this terrifying job, my nosey family and friends, and a sinister car, enter my new (cute) boss, who happens to be throwing mixed messages.

How unprofessional!

But, did I mention that he was cute?

Author website: www.Livvyzoe.com


(2010, paperback, 122 pages)