Mookie Visits Grandpa's Farm

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Mookie Visits Grandpa's Farm
by Connie Zakowski About the Author

Author Connie Zakowski is a native of southeastern Wisconsin. She is thrilled with the reception she has received from the first book of her Mookie series, The Magic of Mookie.

Now that Mookie has been introduced to readers, the second book in the series is Mookie Visits Grandpas Farm.

This book illustrates Mookie and his friend Mikey keeping busy on a farm with animals and playing. Readers will get a glimpse on how the two of them spend their days at grandma and grandpas farm.

Connie hopes readers will enjoy the Mookie series, especially the interaction page in the back of each book. The third book to follow will be Mookies First Camping Trip. Until then, please enjoy the second book Mookie Visits Grandpas farm.

(2013, paperback, 30 pages)