Morals and Meanderings from Mom????s Mind


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Morals and Meanderings from Moms Mind
by Christine Davis Parise
with illustrations by David Myers

When I worked midnights as a registered nurse to put my husband through college, there was no extra money for storybooks for our son, so I made up bedtime stories.

During these bedtime sessions, I tried to make it quality time and also teach him principles, morals, and vocabularyall of this before I went in to work for the night!

My son, now an adult, persuaded me to write down some of his past bedtime stories which, in answer to his questions of where they came from, came from out of my mind. They probably resulted from lack of sleep and working the graveyard shift!

About the Author

Since the age of five, my dreams were of nursing, motherhood, travel, and writing. As of now, I have traveled in twenty-six countries and in forty-one of our United States. I have been a mother of one and stepmother of nine, and I also worked in nursing for forty-five yearsall of which took the front burners in my life. Now my writing, which was on the backburner, has moved to a front burner.

(2010, paperback, 86 pages)