Mr. Sanuh


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Mr. Sanuh
by Domanic Domba

A retired soldier, Mr. Sanuh escaped abduction and lived in disguise, helping his young brilliant son, who was involved in a power struggle at a conglomerate in Borneo. Another agenda of his disguised life was the search for his abductors, who had cruelly interrupted his savored civilian life. His secret operations traversed the vast serene rainforests of culturally rich and intriguing Borneo, under the disguise of ecotourism, which provided a truly exhilarating experience. After all the enthralling adventures, Sanuh shockingly learned of his fugitives link with his own family.

Sanuh had a disappointing result to his sleuth game but was more than compensated for by his eventual control of the huge conglomerate, which came in a most unexpected manner.

About the Author

Domanic Domba is a chartered engineer who has been engaged in oil and gas industry for more than twenty years, mainly in design and project engineering and as technical trainer. He holds an honors degree in electronic and electrical engineering and an MBA, both from UK.

A native of Borneo, Domanic likes traveling and studying nature and customary cultures. He also likes music and is a keen follower of major sporting events, especially football, tennis, badminton, and F1 racing. Besides all his other interests, he has unique passion for the conceptual character of soldier of fortune, a major source of inspiration for him to write this book.

(2010, paperback, 298 pages)