Mule Woman

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Mule Woman
by Emmett E. Kennedy

This story relates to living conditions in the Deep South during the Depression years. A country woman, a hick type if you will, strives to improve her standard of living and that of her Negro maid.

Life is filled with hard work, day after day. Her desires are simple and her maid is filled with dreams of living in town. They hope to have electric lights and a toilet in the house.

It is a small town and a charming place to live. It has a picture show and drugstore with ice cream on a stick. Those are important things and well out of reach of most Alabama folk in those poverty ravaged years.

This is a good tale and you will enjoy reading and trying to relate to hard conditions of the time.

About the Author: Emmett E. Kennedy is the product of a small town in southern Alabama. Fairhope has grown into a city by now, but it is still small. It is located very near the Gulf Coast, just up the hill where the high school was. The author and his friends could push his pals car and she would coast down to the edge of the bay.

There was a fine place there where young folks hung out and played the jukebox and danced. Swimming was almost a daily enjoyment and a guy could just walk up the beach a short distance and change into his suit in the brush. If he had money, he could rent a spot to change in, but that cost a quarter. An extra quarter was out of the question, so those bushes were just fine.

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(2015, Paperback, 272 pages)