Murder in LA


Murder in LA: Lower Alabama

By: Greg Powell

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About the Book

This book shows the good in people as well as their judgmental and unforgiving nature. There is a lesson to be learned from this book and to each reader it will be different. It is the opinion of the author that all people have the potential to do bad, but it is the common good that will overcome evil. The author in this book will take you on a journey through many different types of people. If one looks closely, they can see someone they know.

                Let it be known this book is of true fiction and no characters are real people except in the author’s head. He creates them to be so real, readers will relate and say, “Oh, hell yeah! I know that person.”

About the Author

played by Neil Simon, Bertolt Brecht, and various other unknown playwrights. He worked in the food industry for most of his life. It was this managerial experience that opened his eyes wider to see the raw spirit of the human experience; the characters and the detractors, the ones who desired attention and the ones who demanded attention. It is through various experiences he learned human behavior and its hiccups. Living predominately in the south, he has taken a grasp of the culture to a new level.

(2017, Paperback, 78 pages)