My Dog Is So Big

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My Dog Is So Big
by Maggie Greene

You dont have to have a BIG DOG to have some fun! Maybe this book will give you some ideas.

This book is about really big dogs that are special to the author. She has left some pages for you to finish perhaps with a picture of your dog, big or small.

Remember, ALL DOGS just wanna have fun!

About the Author:

Maggie Greene has been raising, showing and living with these gentle giants since the mid-1970s. Her small, but well-known kennel, Copper Mtn Saints includes several recognized champions but they all were and are champions to her.

Greene lives in Seattle. Now retired from the show ring, she still is active with several Saints as well as writing about them and her two Aussies, Dr. Leroy and Rosie.

Write to her at to tell her about your dog or for her coming book, HEART DOG.

(2016, Paperback, 34 pages)