My Last Tears: Diary of a Battered Wife Who Overcame

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My Last Tears: Diary of a Battered Wife Who Overcame
by Deborah Brisco-Harvey

I once resided at 142 Darby Street in Charleston, West Virginia, and finished high school at Charleston High in 1969. My mother retired as a school teacher in West Virginia; my father was a coal miner and also played for the all-black baseball team, the Kimberley Wolves. He traveled all over and could have gone pro but was prevented from doing so as a result of almost losing his right leg from being trapped in a mine after a cave-in, but not before getting all his men out safely.

For several years, many of my friends and family have encouraged me to tell my story. I now have the opportunity for that to come into fruition. I have written a book based on some harrowing experiences I underwent as a battered wife. I hope that others can benefit from what I lived through.

(2009, paperback, 178 pages)