My Life, My Stories

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My Life, My Stories by Shireen Najib
This book is a refreshing glimpse into the life of people in Pakistan today. Seen through the eyes of the author, who keeps moving home every year or so, to live in different cities of Pakistan.

Most of these articles were printed during the last two decades in different magazines and dailies. Shireen Gheba Najib has a refreshing and humorous viewpoint of the incidents and situations she finds herself in. There are also interviews of prominent personalities from different walks of life. These articles fulfill the need to get out of statistics of poverty and illiteracy, and measure the charm and hospitality of Pakistanis.
About the Author

Writer, artist and educationist Shireen Gheba Najib has an MSc degree in Related Arts, Home Economics, Lahore and an MBA in Human Resource Management, Islamabad. Her first article was written for Dawn newspaper, on life in Kuwait after the invasion of Kuwait, in 1990. Editor Dawn invited her to write regularly for them. Seven hundred articles and three books later, she is an established writer. Last year she had her own column on personalities in Islamabad, in Dawn. Her books, Fun Cook Book, Kitchen Management and Entertaining Guests are available online.

(2013, Paperback, 168 pages)