"New Beginnings" in the Misadventures of Case!

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New Beginnings in the Misadventures of Case!
by Don Ford

This is a story about a young man and a young woman and their romantic relationship.

After Case Jones is discharged from the service, he is a civilian again. He knows he must soon land a job, but his Grandmother Iva comes to his rescue and offers him a job at the Greevansville apartments. Case accepts the job with no thought about what he might be getting into.

Soon after Case arrives, he encounters his new co-worker, Angie! Despite their startling introduction, attraction eventually springs between them. Their momentous romance soon takes place, through which they shall experience more than both could have ever imagined.

New Beginnings in the Misadventures of Case! may appeal to readers seeking romantic stories that also touch on the spiritual side.

About the Author

Don Ford was born in Iowa, but grew up in the state of Colorado by his mother and five sisters. After graduating from Greeley Central High School in 1982 he entered the service and served four years, two of those years in West Germany. After receiving an honorable discharge he moved to Oregon where he learned to cook both American and Chinese cuisine. He now resides in the small town of Clarion, Iowa.

(2012, paperback, 122 pages)