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NEW TO OTR: A Guide for New Company Over The Road Truck Drivers
by Chris Aragon

Chris Aragon provides a direct, somewhat cynical, and slightly gruff look at the everyday tasks and responsibilities of being an Over The Road Truck Driver as an employee of a very large trucking company.

Hollywood has always painted the public picture of what yesterdays trucker looked like, but Chriss hard toned look at the modern and highly regulated Commercial Drivers License paints a much different picture.

With Road Safety at the center, Chris attempts to explain some of the complexity that is todays Trucking Industry for the Non-Owner-Operator of the 18 Wheeler Culture. From the starting point of obtaining a Class A Commercial Drivers License to the day to day dealings with company management to the suggestions for comfort while out on a national tour, Chris lays his no nonsense approach out in a raw sense without the hidden meanings tucked in the folds.

In Chriss previous full career as a Corrections Officer Sergeant in a maximum security setting, he developed a Funny Frowned Face as opposed to a poker face in communicating his thoughts. Chris often jokes about his Grumpy Personality with many of his friends and family and he hopes that the raw and pungent outlay doesnt protrude itself as overly provocative to any reader.

(2014, Paperback, 100 pages)