Nexus Rapid Response Auspices for the Sentinent Millennia Expanse


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Nexus Rapid Response Auspices for the Sentinent Millennia Expanse
by F. Dot

The Nexus Pentarchy Prime has exclusivity in the apprehension, containment, rapid reduction remedies for the extinguishing of corporeal existences to zero, and related action remedies for those member sentients that have the propensity for grave harmful acts toward other sentients. The actualizers for the apprehension, containment, confinement, and remedy activities are activated by the use the Nexus Rapid Response Auspices Teams and Instruments, which are comprised of select highly qualified duty caretakers with care-taking activities and accountabilities for all matters pertaining to grave harmful acts. No extinguishing of corporeal existence or torture is permitted towards any sentient when the extinguishing of corporeal existence has reached zero during grave harmful acts events, or for any sentient in containment or confinement. Nexus Rapid Response Auspices provisions for resources and duty caretakers are given the highest priorities to all other Nexus Pentarchy Prime Instruments' needs.

About the Author

Like other spiritual entities, the author has gone through life seeking a greater understanding regarding everything that surrounds her. Often times, much searching, studying, and thinking took place towards this greater understanding. It was not sufficient that she lead a comfortable life, but one that moves her closer to All-That-Is (ATI). Major life events tested her resolve in choosing not to be like sheep in going through the motions of a "normal" life. This notion was unacceptable. She chose instead to challenge the accepted dogma of the day and accept nothing less than a sentient awareness-promoting environment. With this understanding came responsibilities. Her calling became clear. It compelled her to pass on these insights to all that are receptive to this greater understanding. Her book is the culmination of decades of active pursuits in universal insights and how those wonderful insights can have practical application in promoting a sentient world.

(2010, paperback, 252 pages)