Night Work

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Night Work
by David Tenenbaum

In Night Work, an exotic dancer who is framed for a murder must fight small-town prejudice in order to clear her name. Amber Deveraux is a Cajun girl who turns to exotic dancing after her failure as a Hollywood actress. After moving from Las Vegas to the South, she meets and marries Robert Jenkins, a local real estate agent. While paying her way through nursing school as a stripper, circumstantial evidence makes her a suspect in the murder of one of her clients. As evidence of her past is exposed, the community that had once welcomed her in spite of her profession begins to ostracize her. The chief investigator of the case becomes her only ally amidst the continuing defamation of her character. The detective realizes that finding the truth requires trusting the vulnerable object of his investigation and laying his own life on the line.

About the Author:

David Tenenbaum is a novelist and screenwriter from Raleigh, North Carolina. He has written three books including Night Work, Vision and The Devils Sobriquet. His screenplay The Lost Tide was a recent finalist in the LA Screenwriting contest and his script The Family Name reached the semi-finals in both the Filmmakers International Contest and the Courier Awards. He has also written a version of Night Work for the screen, which received honorable mention at the LA Film Noir Festival.

(2016, Paperback, 102 pages)