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by Werner Lossau

Nightmare deals with a group of people intent on controlling the minds and emotions of the world. Moving between Africa, Italy, and Germany. Nightmare culminates in a strange and terrifying ending, a situation between dream and reality that takes technology and humanity to the brink of destructionand beyond. The result is a mind-numbing vision of hell.

Such possibilities could not come true! Or could they?

Nightmare breaks the rules and dares to ask: But what if...?

About the Author

Born in Germany, Werner Lossau has traveled the world in pursuit of knowledge and girls (not necessarily in that order). Having obtained both a commercial and technical education, he is as comfortable in a boardroom as he is on an oilrig.

He now resides in South Africa in a small village overlooking a large lake. There he is spending his golden years writing, sailing, and in pursuit of knowledge (not necessarily in that order).

(2010, paperback, 168 pages)