No Cats for Cletus

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No Cats for Cletus
by Ann Raphael Walker

No Cats for Cletus, an endearing fable with enchantingly beautiful illustrations, teaches meaningful life lessons by encouraging all to honor and embrace the so-called differences in everyone; to realize we are all special and important in our own unique way, and to believe that we can all blossom into the best we can possibly be.

Fluffy white dog Cletus and a magnificent black cat named Midnight are natural enemies at first, but find themselves together on a life-affirming journey filled with courage and dignity that leads to mutual respect and understanding.

Ms. Walkers many successes in reading to children of all ages through the years, has led to her development of a unique way of using advanced, descriptive words that challenge both reader and listener to develop better language and comprehensive skills. Adults are encouraged to read No Cats for Cletus aloud the first time to children or beginning readers, then pausing at the bold words, asking the listener what they think the word means. Supported by both the sentence structure and the delightful illustrations, its easy for the listener to successfully guess the meaning of the word, much to the delight of all! The goal is to grow vocabulary and foster creativity by using a variety of descriptive language to increase verbal comprehension and ultimately, self-esteem.

So enjoy all that No Cats for Cletus has to offer, and happy reading!

About the Author:

Award-winning actress Ann Raphael Walker is excited to share this delightfully charming tale with readers of all ages. Ms. Walker conceived this magical story over forty years ago, reading it to her own children. It has since become a beloved family tradition. She hopes this will become your family tradition as well, to be read again and again, cherished by all, and kept by your children to share with their children.

(2017, Hardcover, 38 pages)