No More!

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No More!
by Kelvin Hall

No More! tells how a man comes to be a superhero and his drive to uphold the lives of African-Americans.

Same Little is an educated, hardworking, young African-American who belongs to the middle class society. He strongly believes in the importance of education for the success of every black man in American. Sam eventually becomes a victim of prejudice when he loses his job and a promotion is awarded to a less competent white rival.

While seeking a job, Sam gets involved with the heroic campaign of his special friend, Bernice, to help the poor fight against the drug dealers around a black community. Little does Sam know that his participation with Bernice will put his life in jeopardy as he tries to protect her from a gang.

After a gunshot, Sam appears to have developed superhuman strength, becoming a superhero that can fight oppression and crimes.

No More! might appeal to readers interested in stories about a young African-American superhero.

About the Author

Author Kelvin Hall has always been curious about urban life in the city of Detroit. He would often read stories about heroes, and he would figure out how heroes could impact his community in a positive way.

Kelvin was raised up in a loving household, but his urban upbringing environment was filled with fun and sometimes danger. Kelvin graduated from University of Evansville in 1991 with a B.S. in Accounting. His work experience has been working as an accountant for 20 years in various industries such food, public-private sector, non-profits, and religious organizations. At this time, he is currently going to Walsh College for M.S.F. in Corporate Finance.

This novel reflects the author real life experience standing for others being bullied. Also, his experiences filled with being the underdog in his own life dealing with the trials on the job, personal relationships, and unexpected drama from the hood.

(2013, paperback, 38 pages)