No Place for Innocence

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No Place for Innocence
by Bernice L. Hogan

An exciting tale of travel, intrigue, romance, and espionage unwinds as Bernice L. Hogan, the author, shares her adventures while working in Japan for the Air Force during the Korean War.

Hogan lived on an Air Force Base that housed the B-29 bombers and the crews who flew nightly bombing missions over North Korea. Over the two-year period she was there, the author worked as a secretary to four Brigadier Generals, each assigned to the base for a six-month tour of duty.

Through a bizarre set of circumstances, and without the author's knowledge, Hogan had been placed under investigation for espionage. The story takes the reader through intense workplace challenges, colorful friendships, and the urgency and glamour of a wartime romance.

About the Author

Bernice L. Hogan, the author, was born and raised in New York City. At the age of eighteen her love of travel, art and excitement drew her to southern California, which has remained her permanent home.

The Korean War was in full swing in the early 1950s and Hogan signed a two-year contract to work for the Air Force as a civilian secretary in Japan. Although the names have been changed, this book is a true story of the life-altering experiences that awaited her as a totally unprepared young woman living in a foreign land during wartime.

Hogan received her Bachelor's Degree from California State University, Long Beach, and her Master's Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, and is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work. Since 1984 she has been working as a therapist in the health care field in the Los Angeles area. Hogan has three daughters and a grandson.

(2012, hardback, 100 pages)