Noah in Atlantis

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Noah in Atlantis
by Oswald Walter Brunner

Investigating the historical setting of Noahs flood, Oswald Walter Brunner came to the conclusion that it either did not happen or happened at some remote time beyond known history.

Intense investigation of pre-history, as recorded by the Greek philosophers, notably Plato, led Brunner to a contemplation of the possibilities of this event being somehow related to the destruction of the legendary city of Atlantis. Also it became evident to Brunner that Noahs boat would not be the only one involved in this catastrophic event.

Ancient writings spoke of a planet orbiting Earth between Mars and Jupiter. These planets were well known to the Sumerians, Egyptians, and the Chinese of 4,000 BCE, and the non-existent one was named Maldek. Modern astronomers have postulated that the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is the debris of a disintegrated planet orbiting Earth in that locality.

In Genesis we are told of Sons of God visiting Earth. Thus referred to, these persons could well have been off-worlders visiting this planet. These could well have been the off-worlders who built and occupied Atlantis.

Also in Genesis 2:5,6, it states, there was no rain in the Earth in those days. It has been shown, by experimentation in the late 1930s, that this climatic would exist if the axis of Earth were at 90 degrees to the plane of its orbit.

A cosmic collision is now predicted by astronomers to be a matter of not if but when. Why not already have happened and Atlantis and Earth been its victims?

These pieces of the puzzle were eventually put together in the historical novel I have named Noah in Atlantis.

About the Author

Born in suburban Sydney, Australia, in 1924, Oswald Walter Brunner moved with his family to a dairy farm on the Sydney Plains in 1934. After graduating high school, Brunner began studying to become a Christian minister, graduating seminary school in 1944. However, Brunner decided to switch career tracks, and he became a teacher in the Queensland State School system. He also worked in schools in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas before retiring in 1984. While teaching, he also went back to school, graduating from Queensland University with AEd and BA degrees, majoring in education and history.

Brunner has three children, two girls and one boy; twelve grandchildren; seven great grand children; and one great, great grandchild.

(2011, paperback, 228 pages)