"Ogbanje" Twins and Other Stories


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“Ogbanje” Twins and Other Stories

By: Keemholems Ojei

About the Book

Ejime and Onyishi were born identical, and quite brilliant, twins. Their birth process was witnessed by their helpless, impoverished father in their sitting room. The twins survived, but their mother died just a few minutes after giving birth to them. This tragedy could have been a mirror of their mother’s nightmare a few nights before, in which she was in communication with her late father who laid a curse upon her.

The pretty twins grew up motherless under the tutelage of their father, Chris, and a maid. Their excellent results in pure sciences in their final high school exams catapulted them into the limelight from obscurity. They secured double scholarships from the state and federal government to study Electronics/Computer Engineering and Medicine respectively, in Cambridge University, Massachusetts, USA. But, by the impulse of man’s inhumanity to man, the influence of fate and what appeared like the “Ogbanje” spirit, wriggled out their ugly heads, and needed God’s urgent intervention. In this direction, the awkwardness of man’s wickedness to man dimmed a somewhat bright light.


About the Author

Keemholems Ojei is a Nigerian-born German author. He is an accountant by profession and has worked as a banker, car sales executive and an accountant in an oil servicing/construction company. His varied experiences, combined with his love for physics and pure mathematics, poetry and journalism, has polished his knack for writing. His hobbies remain writing, meeting, helping and advising people of all walks of life. He is the publisher of KSD Digest.

Ojei has authored several books amongst which are: The Petrodollar Chieftains, International Conspiracy, The Narcodollar Chieftains, State Secret Codenamed: ‘Beyond Salvage’.

He is working on his upcoming novel, The Financial Chieftains.


(2019, Paperback, 224 pages)