On the Cold Shoulders of Love: As My World Turns


by Pauline J. Roberts Have you ever looked for love in the wrong places? You thought you had found it, but once again, your heart was broken. Then you have found a friend in poet Pauline J. Roberts. In On the Cold Shoulders of Love she relates the pain of tears, whether running down her cheeks or bleeding slowly inside from the everlasting I love you/hate you pain only time will heal. Relive the memories of longing to be held by the present touch of unforgettable love, as you hope for the future. Join the poet as thoughts pour from her heart onto the pages like the River Nile flows, creating a songbook of love. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Even at a tender age in her innocent years, Jamaican-born poet Pauline J. Roberts has had a knack for writing; she even wanted her mothers grocery lists to be pleasing to the eye. At the age of nineteen, she migrated to the Bahamas, where she lived for fourteen years. She has resided in Chicago for the past three years with her husband, Andrew. She is the mother of two wonderful sons, Andr and Martin, and a joker by nature. On the Cold Shoulders of Love is her first published book, with others planned. (2005, paperback, 48 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.