One to Get Ready, Three to Go!

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One to Get Ready, Three to Go!
by Alberta Ames

This book is a collection of short stories. One story is pure fantasy. The other two are only partly fantasy. A person will find romance, horror and fantasy in all three.

The struggle between good and evil on various levels and in varying degrees is dealt with.

Forgiveness is given when it is possible. Those who have strayed away from good are brought back. The stories deal with what might happen in a different world or what may be happening in this world without our knowledge. There is humor and pathos in each presentation. The stories deal with real people in real situations and fantasy people in real situations.

Mistakes in some instances are due to the author's lack of knowledge. Some of what appears as mistakes is the author's rearranging of what we know as reality. The author's belief is nothing is impossible. The reader must keep that in mind if he or she is to enjoy the stories.

About the Author: Alberta Ames is an avid reader. If she is not writing you may find her curled up reading.

She was raised on hundreds of acres of grazing land in West Texas. She has ridden horses (bareback or with a saddle), chased turkeys and gathered eggs. She has herded cattle and milked cows. She has had pet raccoons, rabbits and squirrels. She and her siblings once had a pet crow that slept with their cat.

Alberta is a certified geologist, but to circumstances of the times, she taught school most of her life. Her first job was coloring cable tool drilling logs in a geologist's office.

Alberta calls herself a loner, although she was raised with five siblings. She was married twice but had no children. This is a sorrow to her. She loves and cares for plenty of nieces and nephews.

Alberta has a strong sense of mercy and forgiveness. Her recent stories contain this message. The age-old story of good and evil, with good prevailing, is reflected in her writing.

Alberta loves her readers and appreciates their support. Let her hear from you. She can be contacted at

(2015, Paperback, 112 pages)