Organism Theory


Organism Theory

by James Paul Bilous

About the Book

Humanity’s wondered since WWII how Hitler was able to do what he did. In the pages of Organism Theory you will learn exactly what he, and others such as Mussolini, learned and kept quiet as long as 107 years ago. The problem, is that now you and all of humanity will know how to apply what they knew, for good or for bad. Humans can’t afford to not know this information any longer because it is constantly aimed at preserving class interests. This book will teach you many things about human behavior and maybe even about life that you likely didn’t know this way. Humans are organisms that actively absorb and reflect their unique, immediate environment. Humans are not independently intelligent; we only possess the potential for intellectualness. Absorbing and reflecting every nuance in our environment. Exactly like Hitler’s, now innocent, youth.

(2017, Paperback, 136 pages)