Out of the Darkness into the Light: One Woman's Journey through Depression & Search for Self-Love/Depression from a Spouse's View

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Out of the Darkness into the Light
by Tammy Buckallew and Rodney Buckallew

Out of the Darkness into the Light is about the authors lifetime experience with depression. This book takes the reader through the journey of each of the authors six major episodes.

The author bares her soul so that others with depression will know they are not alone and there is hope. Her personal journal entries allow the reader into the mind of the depressed person so that they gain a better understanding of the psychological warfare that a person goes through during depression.

Depression is still misunderstood by society. Out of the Darkness into the Light will help open up an awareness and insight into the dark matter of depression. The author provides insight into her search for alternative solutions as well as the traditional forms of treatment.

The supplement, Depression from a Spouses View, is by the authors husband. The author gives personal accounts, recollections, and feelings of the impact that depression has on family members and loved ones. The supplement is filled with detailed accounts in order to help others learn to identify and manage their way through a loved ones depressive episodes.

About the Author:

Tammy and Rodney first met in their early teens and have been married for over thirty-six years. They have built a life together and are parents of two children and grandparents to six grandchildren. They currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tammy splits her time between working part-time and volunteering. Additionally, she speaks about her depression experiences, impact and recovery for the National Alliance for Mental Illness across the Phoenix area. She holds an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. Throughout her lifetime she has had to learn how to manage her depression. Her love of life and hope that someday she would be completely out of the darkness of depression has kept her moving forward.

Rodney works full-time in the financial industry as a Technical Project Manager. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Technical Management. He is dedicated to his family. His love of his wife and the coping skills he has learned over the years has helped maintain a healthy and loving marriage.

(2016, Paperback, 210 pages)