Padre Peanut & the Angel Hankie

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Padre Peanut & the Angel Hankie
by Pamela Fries

Padre Peanut, an old friar church mouse who loves peanuts, has this giant uncontrollable sneeze. Leon, his sidekick donkey, is the culprit. Padres sneezing turns his church and the town upside down. The cure-all is Padre Peanuts lost angel hankie. So grab a hankie, sneeze with Padre Peanut, bless him, and help pray for the return of his angel hankie! It is a humorous, rhythmic, poetic story that children love.

About the Author

Since 1997 author Pamela Fries has been creating angel hankies out of antique handkerchiefs. These special angels are made with love as she honors Mary, the Mother of Jesus, while making them. Pamelas angel ministry has brought peace and hope around the globe. These lovely angels are given to children, those in need of healing or simply to answer ones prayers. Some amazing stories are associated with them. Pamela says that like ourselves, each angel hankie is uniquely made and a gift from God. She says to remember, every good gift comes from above (James 1:17).

Many blessings go out to Betty Stewart and friends for supplying the many handkerchiefs needed for her mission.

Pamela lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Robert. She is the mother of Michael and Erin and grandmother of four. To learn more about angel hankies, email Pamela at

(2012, hardcover, 30 pages)