Planet Hibernia, 3153 A.D.: The Prologue: The History of the Third Millennium 2000-3150 A.D.

by John J. Shelton Planet Hibernia, 3153 A.D. is an epic tale of a peoples quest for independence and freedom. In the thirty-second century the Irish nation-planet of Hibernia is struggling for its very survival, once again battling its ancient foe, Brittania, just as it has for centuries. Back on Earth, the once fabled land called America has retrogressed technologically, socially, and politically, and its population is isolated, trapped in the nineteenth century. Now the paths of these two nations are about to meet. Planet Hibernia, 3153 A.D. is a powerful exploration of personal and cultural motivation, and John J. Sheltons engaging and well-developed characters encourage readers to immerse themselves in this futuristic drama. ABOUT THE AUTHOR John J. Shelton is a native of Illinois, where he studied at Elgin Community College and Aurora College. He cites a diverse range of influences, including reading the work of Leon Uris and a newspaper called The Irish People and watching Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. Planet Hibernia, 3153 A.D. is Mr. Sheltons first published book. (2006, paperback, 332 pages)