Pro Search 50

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Pro Search 50
by Ken Robert Baugh

The author of Pro Search 50 The Ultimate Challenge, Ken Robert Baugh, projects true modern-day reality with a lifetime of old west proficiency, complimented by an abstract avocation to enlighten others through the power of the pen. Having spent years in the saddle working cattle, the challenge day to day was merely surviving, beating the sun up, and watching it set again, never questioning the trail. From design and drafting, to holding a pilots license, Baugh has faced countless challenges, striving to enhance and elevate future ventures, not only for himself, but for others as well. Pro Search 50 The Ultimate Challenge is one of those ventures to create by hand, totally without computer imaging, exciting, extraordinary word search puzzles to beguile and bewitch those individuals brave enough to face the dare and celebrate its victory.

(2017, Plastic Coil Binding, 132 pages)