Psychologists with No God


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Psychologists with No God
by Albert Talker

This novel is a psychological thriller with flavoring from the film "My Fair Lady", the NJ family court, and the Bible. The author intended to raise several issues in the divorce process and to let readers into the emotional turmoil during divorce and how it affects the psychological state and the behaviors of the involved persons. It is about a relatively wealthy man who meets an attractive young Eastern European lady who is to be deported. He thinks she is an angel sent from above to be his wife and bear his children. As their life progresses her behavior changes from grateful angelic to resentful devilish, and she uses all means to control and spite her husband. The wife sometimes behaves in bizarre ways as she flashes back to her battered childhood memories, a victim of her past, while the husband cannot understand the causes of these spasms of unreasonable behavior. When the wife files for divorce after she has achieved her financial and educational goals in this land of opportunity, all hell breaks loose as she tries to remove her husband from her life, using the family court and its laws.

The author raises several issues in this novel while delivering the content. "Why is our nation becoming a fatherless nation with devastating results affecting the future generations?" "Why do 60-70% of marriages end in divorce and why has the process become so litigated and adversarial?" According to the author's experience the main reasons are the laws that are enacted that help and promote quick divorces, and by the same token reduce or eliminate any chances for reconciliation by having the process highly adversarial and profitable to lawyers and psychologists involved. Then, according to the author's opinion, the laws further help fathers get away from their children because men act differently in the family court and this point may have its roots in the male's evolutional nature - Fight or Flight! Men try to fight when it comes to their evolutional "turfs" including their wife and children. Fighting in court needs to be done in a prescribed and adversarial way, so men take flight. Most men just cannot fight equally and extensively because of the family and WAVA laws and the legal costs, so they choose flight at some point.

This novel is dedicated to all the tens of millions of fathers in the Western World who will never see their children again, and to the thousands of men and women who have lost their lives due to illnesses during and after divorce because of this highly emotional and adversative process. This book is also dedicated to the millions of children who have grown up and will grow up without fathers.

Mr. Talker has worked with Wall Street firms for about 20 years and is currently the President of MoneyPins Corp (one card for all users). He has published several essays and articles on the financial stability of the USA (Wall Street risk taking), the executive compensation systems in Corp America that leads to short-term profits and bad long-term management decisions, and the changing of the work force in downtown NYC with cheap H-1 labor, specifically after Sept. 11. He is a graduate of City College, City University of New York, specializing in Computer Hardware and Software, and the NY Institute of Technology, majoring in Physics.

(2011, paperback, 236 pages)