Quantum Gravity: A Study in Physics and Cosmology

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Quantum Gravity: A Study in Physics and Cosmology
by Warner Schneider

Albert Einstein determined that gravitation is the curvature of space in proximity to any celestial body of mass. If this is so, then how and why does it occur? And what is the relationship between matter and the fabric of space that allows for it? We can gain a more complete understanding of this force by identifying the various symmetries and field vectors that are replicated between the quantum level, the macrocosm of our universe, and the greater macrocosm lying beyond it. The dynamic underlying the expansion of space is revealed in this way, which goes a long way in explaining the origins of the universe and where it is ultimately headed.

About the Author:

Independent researcher and writer Warner Schneider has done extensive studies and advanced a number of theories in physics and cosmology. The implications of these are astounding and sure to challenge the readers worldview.

(2016, Paperback, 66 pages)