Queens in the Hole


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Queens in the Hole
by Clanette Sparks Walton

As native Texan Sherry Gates drives home from New Orleans, she smugly recalls last weeks escapades. The auction at a palatial southern plantation was more successful than she and her business partner, Elaina Davidson, anticipated. As professional antique dealers and interior designers, the trailer filled with treasures from the past is proof of a job well done.

The substantial amount of cash tucked inside her handbag, however, is evidence of a completely different, although equally exhilarating, triumph. Sherry never imagined her enthusiasm for No Limit Texas Hold Em could be so lucrative. And she was certain her poker tournament rivals never expected this spirited yet inexperienced young woman would finish in first place. But its not until Sherry and Elaina begin the unloading that they realize what challenges really are. Sherry cannot understand how a former poker opponent ends up inside the locked trailer. And she certainly cant explain who killed him!

This gruesome discovery is just the beginning of Sherrys entanglement in treachery, deception, and murder. This is one game she will definitely lose unless she finds answers to certain questions. Who wants to see her dead? And why?

About the Author

I am a proud native Texan who has returned with my husband, Michael, to the South Plains of West Texas and my hometown of Lubbock after a ten-year relocation to central Texas for career reasons. We have two sons living in the Lubbock area and one son and daughter-in-law living in San Antonio.

I am an antique enthusiast and truly believe the past is worth preserving. I expand my personal collection by attending shows and estate sales and taking road trips to treasure hunts. For recreation I enjoy time with my family, reading, and playing No Limit Texas Hold Em. Although I am just a novice, I continue to study the game to improve.

I am also a devout animal lover and support many wildlife charities and animal protection organizations, including Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico. We now share our home with two adopted cats. Sadly, we lost our family pet wolf last year to a digestive disorder. I am currently working on the next book in the Sherry Gates mystery series.

(2008, paperback, 154 pages)