Rebel Speedway


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Rebel Speedway
by Mark Osborne, Assisted by William J. Osborne and Dargan Watts Mike Altman smashed the Hartsville retaining wall so violently, his left eye popped out of the socket. Billy Baker had a spike welded to his bumper, which he used to rip open Ralph Earnhardts tire. Jim Strange flipped three times in the air, crashing hard in front of the flagmans stand. Carroll Kirby soared over the first turn so high and fast, he landed over two hundred feet away, breaking his back. Jennings Andrews leapt from his burning Chevelle in front of a wide-eyed and screaming crowd. Out-of-towner, Arnold Hutto, won six Saturday night main events in a row before his streak was broken by a home-town hero. Sumters Rebel Speedway, along with many tracks throughout the nation, is fighting to stay alive. This book of memories and tales can hopefully bring some enthusiasm back into the hearts of the tracks true soul: the fans. Click here to visit the author's MySpace page: Check out this celebrity endorsement of Rebel Speedway! (2007, paperback, 152 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.