Rectifier the Birth of a Hero

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Rectifier: The Birth Of a Hero
by William I. Garrett

What would you do if you acquired great power?

Would you use it for the good of the people or would you ABUSE IT?

Young Huntchio, orphaned at a young age and adopted by his mothers sister, grows to be a rambunctious youth along with his cousin, Tencen. One day Huntchio discovers his powers. Just like any youth he uses and abuses it for his own entertainment and sneaks out at night.

On one of his excursion he accidentally stumbles on an ancient vampires plot to conquer and reign over the region she once ruled.

Its up to Huntchio and his homeroom class to snuff out this uprising and keep the shaky peace and the freedom they've so grown to love.

Locked and loaded, they're ready to make some fireworks

About the Author

William I. Garrett, an avid action adventure reader and dreamer, decided to put his imagination to pen and paper and created this story.

Born in 1980, Garrett was the middle child of three. His father was in the Air Force, so they relocated several times, taking the family to places that seem intriguing to him. Walking to school and the trips to Boy Scout camp also fueled his thirst for adventure. Longing to go on some type of adventure of his own Garrett did the next best thing: he wrote one. Throwing in bits and pieces of what little adventure he had, and infusing it with a healthy dose of fantasy and science fiction gave birth to the Rectifier. Ray Slaughter was born in Winnsboro, Louisiana and grew up in Newellton. He then attended the University of Texas at San Antonio from where he received both his bachelor and masters degree. He is now retired and spends his time with his family and his other interests such as wildlife preservation and orchard improvement and management.

(2013, Paperback, 102 pages)